English version

(the stringBass sting)

Italian Version

It was a calm period. An evening like many others, after the usual bass raid,
we were quietly passing time at our hideout, cuddled by our girls.
Amy da Signa, also known as il Bernarda, had killed two packs of beer and was bonding
with the pavement, while the Rusty Al Bocini hovered over him attempting a reanimation
"hell, one of these days he's gonna hit it ", he said, cursing furiously. Tony Sciancalepore,
also known as Perez, with a glassy eye and his mouth half open, had dropped into an apparent sleep:
only a variety of sounds originating from his area indicated that he was still alive. Captain Pighi,
the Pentagram Killer, was down in the cellar relentlessly slaughtering sheet music, wasting whole
arsenals of bullets to shred the paper to bits, and filling the air with the smell of gun powder.

Suddenly the phone rang; it was Dick Donati, called Mitraglia, boss of the new generation,
who belonged to one of the most powerful families of the Florentine Clan :
"Hey boyz! We need to set something up for Frank Petracchi,
the Rotary Club of S. Miniato wants to celebrate his 50 years of delinquency".

As if awakened by a blast of TNT we all jumped up! We were certainly all in for that:
celebrating he whom in the all second half of the past century had been
the Dome, the Apex of the Italian Double Bass Pyramid
and merciless judge of all the low notes that were circulating at the time.
He that almost always had worked on his own now was our accomplice;
we would have done a sting together.

So that's how we and Dick went to pay our respects to old Franky.
After we planned a deployment of 4, 5, 6 and 7 Basses
it was the moment to include Gabriel Carpani, the Marseillese
(also known as the Good, but in fact a real wicked soul with an infernal Bass)

To document and immortalize the raid there would be our faithful sound artificer,
Lorenz Gerace the Sadistic. With his devilish contraptions he would gather
all the material we would need to recycle and sell off later.

When all was ready we unleashed the attack: what a night that night at San Romano!
The massacre of SanValentino was nothing compared to what the public heard that fucking night of
the Contrabbassata.

Everything seemed to be goin' off smoothly, but we had not taken into account the quick-temper
of our girls.When Annie Mazzantini (called Dolly), and Silvey Muci (known as Vamp),
discovered that the sting had been organized without including them,
they wouldn't give us a break, so as cunning and ruthless as they are they put the into action the:

(Operation Sex-Tett)

The Bass Gang / Operazione Sex-tett

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